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What's involved in getting me the best rate?

Competition always results in the best deal. Yet, amazingly, many Canadians still try to negotiate their mortgage with just one lender!

At The Mortgage Centre, we get Canada's leading lenders to compete for your mortgage in an electronic bid process that requires only one credit check and guarantees the best available deal. It also guarantees no bias and our service is free!

Who are the lenders you deal with?

Our exclusive Mortgage Market represents Canada's largest pool of residential mortgage money. It's made up of some of the most innovative, competitive mortgage products available today. The following list comprises our Mortgage Market and Additional Lenders.

Mortgage Market

  • Scotia Express Service
  • MCAP Mortgage Corporation
  • CIBC Mortgages
  • TD Canada Trust
  • First National
  • ING Mortgage Broker Services
  • President's Choice Financial
  • National Bank of Canada
  • Laurentian Bank
  • Merix Financial
  • Street Capital
  • Moncana
  • Meridian Credit Union
  • First Ontario Cr Union
  • Home Trust
  • Equitable Trust

How can I be assured of the best available rate?

What sets us apart from traditional on-line mortgages is our unique "blind bid" shopping system. As Canada's leading lenders bid on your mortgage, none of them knows what the other bids are, so they're forced to offer their absolute-best rate and features first. Here's how it works:

Fill out the on-line application by clicking Apply Now.

The application goes to Laurie Furness who contacts you for a personalized evaluation of your needs. Once we've decided together what type of mortgage is best, we forward your application to the lenders.

The lenders respond electronically with their best offers, and your Specialist contacts you to discuss the offers.

He/she points out the strengths and weaknesses of each offer, shows you which offers match your stated needs, and recommends the best choice.

You sign the required forms and you've got your mortgage! Then over the following days, your Specialist follows up on all the supporting documentation.

Sounds great, but how much does all this cost?

My service costs you nothing, and because I work for you - not the lenders - I can offer unbiased advice and help you select the mortgage that's absolutely right for you.

Can you help me, I have an existing mortgage?

With current mortgage rates increasing we would be able to help you by getting an approval which will guarantee the rate on the extra funds for 90-120 days depending on the Lender. To see if early renewal makes sense for you, click on Renewal Advisor.

Incredibly 90% of Canadians renew their mortgage with the same lender. And many of them simply accept that lender's posted rate. At The Mortgage Centre, we can do MUCH better than that. We'll get Canada's leading lenders to compete for your renewal so you're virtually assured of getting below even the most attractive posted rates. To see what offers we can get you, click Apply Now.

Do you keep my information confidential?

Your confidentiality is always a top concern with us, please see our privacy policy for all details.

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